Top Six Benefits of Wearing Merino Wool

Top Six Benefits of Wearing Merino Wool

Discover why Merino will be one of your go-to accessories in your wardrobe all year round.
There are many benefits of wearing Merino, and we want to share with you our top six and what you can expect when you buy Experience New Zealand Merino clothing. Read on to find out how versatile Merino wool is and although wool, it isn’t just for winter wear.

Merino wool is for all-year-round wear
Experience New Zealand Merino offers the finest quality in Merino wool, using New Zealand made Super Fine Merino. The Extra Fine Merino Wool fibres are so fine and light you can wear them in the summer and winter.

We liken it to the good old thermos flask, which you can use to store your ice-cold drink in on a hot sunny day at the beach or your hot soup on a winter’s day while watching the rugby. The same goes for wearing our Merino – it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Exceptional quality
100% Fine Merino Wool is a soft, elegant yarn and Experience New Zealand products are handmade luxury products by us here in New Zealand. We are proud to be a member of the New Zealand Made campaign and we label our products with the iconic Kiwi trademark.

Unique New Zealand Designs
As leaders in the art of printing on fabric, our Merino range includes New Zealand designs such as the NZ Fern, Pohutukawa and Punga Fern. Perfect for sending to your family and friends living overseas as a gift or wearing with pride in New Zealand. 

Experience New Zealand hold the fern design close to their heart as it represents New Zealand’s national identity and is part of New Zealand’s culture. The fern branded All Blacks rugby jersey and national teams are good examples. 

It's Wearable Art!

Merino warmth without the weight is what you can expect when wearing Experience New Zealand’s Merino range. You can be assured you will look stylish and won’t feel itchy when wearing it, like other wools. 

Our 100% Fine Merino Wool fibres are ultrafine, and therefore they are flexible and bend, resulting in our products being nice and comfortable to wear.

Versatile to wear with minimum care
Like most Merino wools. our products contain lanolin. The benefits of this include the wool can quickly absorb and release moisture. The natural lanolin also acts as an antibacterial agent.

One standout benefit our customers love is that Merino wool is like deodorant and is odour resistant! No matter the temperature, you’ll feel fresh all day. We guarantee New Zealand Experience Merino wool will not smell like cotton products after wearing it for one day. So, no need to wash it every time you wear it!

This segues into washing your garment. As it’s 100% Fine Merino Wool, it is incredibly fine fabric and releases water with ease. So, you can expect your merino to dry quickly and long before your other clothes.

Another added benefit, Merino doesn’t wrinkle. So there is no need to get the iron out, and when travelling, Merino is definitely an item you want to put on your packing list.

Luxury and affordable
Experience New Zealand value top quality at an affordable price. We want our customers to have access to our luxury products that are NZ made with handmade designs that don’t cost the earth.

Your go-to accessory all year round
Our Merino products are unique, of excellent quality, made in New Zealand and include iconic New Zealand designs. Our customers tell us they love how comfortable they are to wear and how versatile and affordable with many buying more than one set.




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