About Us


Around 20 years ago we developed a Souvenir range as we were very disappointed in the quality of what was being offered to our overseas visitors and Experience New Zealand was developed. We work with New Zealand manufactured Super Fine Merino, and all products are handmade by us in New Zealand. We are a member of the New Zealand Made campaign.

Merino Warmth Without Weight

The Super Fine Merino we use to make our products doesn’t have that annoying ‘itchy’ feeling normally associated with merino wool. It is fine, light & warm, which makes it ideal for year-round use. And like most merino wools, our products contain lanolin, which has numerous antibacterial properties.

All our products are guaranteed under the New Zealand Consumer guarantees act. We provide free shipping within New Zealand. If you are an international customer, please contact us for personalised shipping rates via our Contact Us page.